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“Authentic, Empowering, Inspiring, LIFE CHANGING”

It really motivated me to do something great with my life! Change is a process and Efren taught me ways I can change to help me becomeSuccessful.

Faud W.


The program was educational, informative, and about the power of change. Also, the enthusiasm and passion of Efren was moving. How much power I give to other people or let them “Rent” space in my mind for free was one of the biggest insights I took from the program .


The stories, his belief in me, the love and acceptance from Efren… Thank you for saving my life today. I am ok!.


CEO, Independent Business Owner

It really motivated me to do something great with my life. Change is a process and Efren taught me ways I can change to help me become successful.

Faud W.


He was the greatest in the world and we all loved what he did for our event because we all learned that the world is in our hands and we have the power to create our own destiny!

Pam W.

Programing Specialist

He puts everything into a different persepctive which leaves you thinking and wanting to make a change in your personal life. I was not expecting this outcome, it was great!

Lissette R.

Administrative Secretary

Speaking Topics

Relationships - "The Twilight Zone"!


A Highly Engaging, Humorous and Powerfully Honest examination of the world of relationships and the “Twilight Zone” in which we often find ourselves living in while trying to live and survive its challenges. 

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Advanced Personal Transformation Mastery Program

Efren’s powerful four-full day in depth, hands on, no nonsense transformational program is a highly interactive, breakthrough and result oriented program. Packed with real-life transformational tools, exercises, techniques

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Personal Leadership Training Program

Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to improve trust and influence relationships through personal leadership. 

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The Power Of Discipline: Key To Unstoppable Success

This Transformational Program is a Blueprint To Build High Self-Discipline To Unleash Your Greatness Within!

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Diversity-A Mistaken Identity

Audiences discover new powerful breakthroughs in their thinking, shatter old paradigms, gain amazing insights of self-awareness with humor, candid straight to the heart talk and powerful information.

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The Role IS The Goal!

What does a world boxing champion, a World Oscar winning actor, an astronaut and you have in common?

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