About Efren

Efren Maldonado is a national and international speaker, author and consultant with over 30 years of experience working with people and business organizations of various backgrounds.

He has held seminars, trainings, and workshops in both Spanish and English for government agencies including:

  • The MN Dept. of Employee Relations
  • MN Dept. of Corrections
  • The House Of Representatives
  • The Senate
  • The IRS
  • The Judicial Department
  • The University of Minnesota 

Efren enjoys helping people improve their lives and believes that there is no limit to their potential.

Through his programs he has touched the lives of many people and empowered them to make incredible changes that have taken them from a lackluster life of defeat into an exciting life with purpose and happiness in all circumstances.

Efren is a very powerful and dynamic speaker and teacher who provides innovative powerful and proven tools for immediate use that create change in the lives of his audience while his teaching style keeps them captivated and wanting to know more!

The State of Minnesota Senate had this to say:  "The MN State Senate was pleased to have Mr. Maldonado present a one-day class, because he took  three individual classes and molded them into a one-day class there were no separate lines drawn between each subject. Instead, Mr. Maldonado created a very interesting class intermingling the three to show how they interrelate both in personal and business situations.  Each atendee was asked to sign up for the entire day class; however each was given the option of staying only as long as time permitted away from their desks. Due to the fact that the content was so interesting, we found that when people arrived, they did not want to leave. This was most encouraging and showed just how effective this type of training is. Thank you for providing this excellent training opportunity!"  - Jim G  Senate Administrative Service   

​The Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry had this to say: "Thank you for the workshop you presented to my staff. You had very good reviews from everyone that attended. The content and your humor were a winning combination. I hope we can repeat this class with our other units, and plan a follow up with the support staff!"  Joyce S. Management Consultant

Minnesota Trade Office had the following things to say: "On behalf of the Minnesota Trade Office Staff, Li King Feng and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your "Positive Power" presentation at our training session. We all came away with expanded views of how to use our minds and consciousness and our potential by believing in ourselves."   Edward M. Holm International Trade Advisor