Efren Maldonado

One of my goals is to give my clients all the tools possible to put them on the  path to success. Coaching is about learning – rather than teaching. YOU are the expert on your life. Coaching is about looking within yourself to find the strength in your character, the strength that will lead you to create sustainable change. Coaching is all about you – not just certain aspects of you. Changing old habits and patterns are difficult. As a coach I will help you see to which mistaken identity you are working for. I will help you see these patterns and will support your growth and change.

Coaching is NOT therapy

Although many of the communication techniques are the same, therapy focuses on the past to bring healing and unlock a person to move ahead. Coaching is future and action-oriented.

The coaching and client relationship is a respectful relationship.

With the coach asking the client hard questions, not to humiliate the client or to speak down to the client, but more to challenge the client to go deep inside him or herself in the attempt to reveal their character. Only then can a client see themselves in a “mirror” and work on the root cause of the things that may be happening in their lives.

The coach and client relationship will be one of security, in which the client should feel safe to say anything they want without the fear of feeling embarrassed or judged.

Ours will be a place of safety, trust, and mutual respect to create the freedom needed to speak what is in the client’s heart.

Our relationship can include the topic of

God, Christianity, spirituality, and the like – or not – this will be a choice that the client will have.

In our society, personal independence is the key to success, but that is so far from the truth.

Support-systems help us be responsible for others as well as ourselves and having these systems of support in place is what helps us be effective, and will lead us to success.

Together we can shoot for sustainable and effective change, mind you it is not easy – it takes a lot of work, patience, and practice – but it can be achieved.

All we have to do is keep an open mind and trust that it can happen.

As your coach, I believe that you can create your own best answers and I will support you in that process.

I will hold up your vision, your progress, and your efforts.

Add this system of support to your life.