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“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” – William Shakespeare, 1564-1616

Good Character Building and Integrity are one and the same, which is who you are, until you change. You are an awesome designer, architect, and builder of your own world. Do you know that if you remain firm on Godly principles that, regardless what anyone does to you, they cannot take the principles upon which you stand?

If you want to become stronger in who you are, here is a method to internalize principles that with time, it will make you even stronger. The process below is not a quick-fix method, but then, it should not be. Like any principle, it will take time to really understand and apply it in life, learn about who you are and understand that your behaviors, and results come from the belief and values you have adopted whether consciously or not, they correspond to you and your world. Just follow the process below and you will increase your strength of character.

Know the difference between character and integrity. These definitions of beliefs and values are often misrepresented. Learn the truth:

  1. Character is the sum of all the qualities in a person, morally or ethically, and it describes a person’s traits and abilities. Character is who you truly are. It makes your decisions, which drives your actions, and hopefully in a positive manner.
  2. Integrity is an adherence to moral or ethical code, being wholesome, undivided; and complete.
  3. Integrity is doing the right thing for the right reason whether you are with others or by yourself – just because that is who you are.
  4. Now, you must choose a set of rules, values and principles that you believe can take to live a happy, satisfying, and righteous life.
  5. If you think about your past, you can find that when you did not follow principles, your life dipped. Again, using self-awareness, you can observe that when things went right for you, following principles, your good intentions for everyone involved gave you success.
  6. A Good character strength is not for the weak, it is not easy, and for sure it’s not for the wimps. But, until you understand that you are the architect of your present condition, you will not be able to re-script your life.
  7. Take control of your decision process and anchor yourself in worthwhile and Godly principles. Then, begin to re-script your life, so you can align your life with outcome oriented goals.
  8. You must be conscious every day of all your decisions, because you are either in control or you are not. You need to drive in the direction of your destination, and more importantly making hard decisions as you travel. Without doubt, you will encounter roadblocks, construction and impasses, but if you stay loyal to the beliefs, values aligned with principles, nothing can hold you back.